Monday, June 25, 2012

Cheap Calls to India on Zoom Talk

Zoom Talk Logo in red color with oom in the centre of the ZCheap Calls to India - Cheap Calls to Bangladesh - Cheap Calls to Pakistan

Zoom Talk provides the cheapest calls to all destinations in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. You can get a maximum of 2700 minutes of cheapest calls to India, about 1450 minutes to Bangladesh and about 2150 minutes to Pakistan. The rates and minutes may vary depeding on the type of Plans you subscribe. The plans provide you the different minutes which you would like to subscribe, depending on your budget and call limits that you require. 

Zoom Talk is available for most of the devices available in the market. In addition to that, you can download .exe that you can install on your windows PC or laptop and enjoy the Cheap Calls to your preferred destinations.

More on the settings and softwares is provided below. So keep scrolling down.

Zoom Talk Call Plans - Zoom Talk Call Rates 

Zoom-Talk Call Plan(A)
This Plan enables you to make Cheap Calls to Pakistan to about 825 minutes,
Cheap Calls to India about 1050 minutes and Cheap calls to Bangladesh about 550 minutes.

Zoom-Talk Call Plan(B)
You can get minutes for  PAKISTAN 2000minutes For INDIA 2500 
minutes and for BANGLADESH 1350minutes

Zoom-Talk Call Plan(B2)
In this Plan you can have minutes to PAKISTAN 2150 
minutes to INDIA 2700minutes and to BANGLADESH 1450minutes

Zoom Talk supported Phones - Zoom Talk Settings for Mobile - Zoom Talk Settings for PC.

Zoom Talk does not support all the devices available in the market, but yes if you are using
iPhone, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericcson (Android Based) or any device running on Android OS. You can enjoy the cheap rates provided by Zoom Talk.
So the following are the Links along with the devices that are supported with the applicatilons that you can install.

Zoom Talk Settings for PC

You can downlaod the PC settings for Zoom Talk by Clicking the Link here.
Install the .exe and run. Using your username and Password you can login and the Operator Code or Brand is 3607. If you need more know how or for trouble shooting please leave your comments below and I will reply to you.

Zoom Talk Settings for Nokia devices

The settings for all S60 and above phones that can install a .sis applications by clicking here. NOKIA

For those who are  not able to get the proper software fro their Nokia phones here is an updated link and new software for non touch Nokia devices click New Zoom Normal app for Nokia. ( This is a .sis file so only use it for Symbian Devices)
All those who are using new touch screen devices on symbian they can download from Touch Symbian devices. 

You have to have a zoom-talk ID and password, in the mobile no column you can put any random number and your are on.

Zoom Talk Settings for Android devices - Zoom Talk for Samsung Phones

The settings for all Android phones and above phones that can install .apk applications you can get the settings here. ANDROID. You will have to download the Voxdialers.
The Voxdialer may ask you for  brand PIN. The Brand PIN for Zoom Talk is 3607. The rest is the same as you put the user name and password.

Zoom Settings for Samsung devices.

Zoom Settings for HTC devices.

Other supported devices are of LG, Motorola, Karbonn, Dell, Sony Ericcson and Micromax you can get the settings for all these devices here.

The things to remember is that the VoxDialer will

Zoom Talk Settings for iPhone devices - Voxdialer for iPhone - iPod

The Voxdialer is a versatile application that enables SIP calls on iPhone devices. You can login with any service provider if you are given the BRAND PIN or Operator Code. Remember for Zoom Talk is 3607, then you have to put the same username and Password given to you when you registered with Zoom Talk.
If you need any more help on this you can just send me a small email or leave your comment. I will try my best to help you on the issue.


  1. Thanks for your excellent post. Could you please guide me from where can I buy zoom talk credits.

    1. You can buy the zoom talk credits from their official website.

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  3. how we can register a new user id for zoomtalk or how we can become a reseller if required

    1. I think this service is been closed. As the official site is not active. Do not register with them now.

  4. I have Samsung galaxy y and I just now install zoom-talk from google play store after installing I enter id,password and mobile no with country code but its not accepting here on mobile screen shows registering and just after invalid ... can u help me about this..
    my email id:

    1. Send an detailed email to developer about this issue. Hope they will solve it after seeing this.

  5. pls give me ur contact no send my face book id askar melath

    i wnt reseller

  6. dear sir
    i want rate details
    plz send a rate details ( plan A.B.B2)

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  8. How can I buy dialers and what is official site.....

  9. how can i become a reseller of Zoomtalk? please do reply for me.

  10. I want to dollar for zoomtalk how it possible??

  11. how can i get user name and password of zoom and and also from where i can recharge it..