Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cheap Calls to India on VoipYo

Make Cheap Calls by VoipYo
VoipYo is yet another product from the makers of Jumblo, The VoiP service provider that has made millions of peoples happy by providing them with cheap internet calls to India and worldwide.
Yet amongst the many service providing brands, VoipYo comes to the market with the most attractive rates ever in the market.

Now you can make cheap call to India Mobile for as less than € 0.006 per minute and  cheap calls to  Bangladesh Mobile at less than € 0.023per minute.
The site provides the latest applications available to download for the mobile whether they are on  Windows Mobile, Android Mobiles, Symbian Mobile, iPhone or Apple devices and Blackberry mobile.

All the well known mobile Operating Systems formats now running in the market & can be configured easily.
The rates are very attractive and given the kind of call quality which has never let down the users, It is also giving cheap rates.
You can check the rates for your  respective country by clicking here.

So what are you waiting for download the VoiP application and save lots more money or have more talk time with the same amount of money that you were paying for other VoIP service providers.

Download the FREE!!!! applications from the direct sources for your Smart phones.

Download VoipYo iPhone Application here
Download VoipYo Android Application here.
Download VoipYo Symbian Application here.
Download VoipYo Blackberry Application here.
Download VoipYo Windows Application here.

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  1. still doesn't work on nokia e71...we hope you will make sign up easier for us on our pc not mobile...

    1. Kaks if you want it to work on Nokia E71 ,Browse to: on your mobile device to download the app directly.or go here and download VoipYo for Nokia E71 version download "Symbian Nokia Version 0.1"

    2. am using nokia e72, all softwares gets installed but does not work, its getting closed automatically. Even tried the 0.1 version but it shows update error. Wht to do now

  2. how to create the voipyo new user..frnds

  3. I am living in Europe But mostly I use to call Bangladesh for my personal as well as for business purpose. So can anyone suggest me how to make Cheap calls To Bangladesh , It would be help full for me.

  4. how i can use voipyo in computer?

  5. These services find new ways to make people shell out more money from their pocket. There is no doubt that these corporations are using techniques that adds pressure on the world wide consumers, but now you have choices that did not exist in the past. Making VoIP from India is now an easy thing when you have a specialised service that is only 0.13 cents per minute, and the call quality is also high. send text message india